Meet your instructor, make-up artist Liza Danielle. (4 days' workshop)

in this class you will learn:

-How you set your room, hygiene, uniform, music, 

-then you will learn how to prep the skin before starting to apply the make-up

  _your next step you will learn how you cover-up the skin and how you make your correction. here you will learn your colors and your camouflage

_ eyes make-up, here you learn your eyeshadows and eyebrows. how you in this session create the eye shape.

in this session you also learning how you glue the fake eyelashes for a dramatic look.

-contouring is the most important hidden trick to hide and highlight small, detailed feature.

-after you learn all face shapes then you learn your blushes.

-finally, you finish with learning lipsticks and the lips shape how you can create a several shapes by simply using your lipliner and lipstick.

Meet you instructor, Nidal Mrad Esthetician and nail Tech: (30 days' workshop for each career)

in this class you will learn:

- Healthy nails

-you will learn what supplies you need, then the proper use of each tool.

-varies form of nail art. 

_how you cut cuticles, and shape the nails, pedicure, dead skin removal, cuticles, healthy feet.

-introducing acrylic, gel, powder and technic.


_ introduction to face anatomy.

-explaining how aging happen

-use of electrical devices in skin care 

_learn your steps

_massage face and body

- learn your cream 

-European facial

- learn all skin conditions

-Talking and explaining all forms of chemical peels, and enzymes


Meet your instructor for food safety Christelle Bou Mitri, PHD.PCQI, and Rana Chaayto.

In this class your learning:

-Food safety include handling, preparation, and storage of food, aiming at preventing the risk of sickness and associated adverse effects from foodborne illness.

food safety is a global concern that covers a variety of different areas of everyday life.

this course presents a professional certification for women in food production and food safety for food handlers.

this certificate is designed to women planning to handle, prepare, manufacture food in different settings including home kitchen, COOP, food manufacturers, Restaurante, institutional food services such in healthcare, schools, hotels, and is a 48hours course that provides knowledge and skills in food technology, food preparation, and food safety based on real case studies required to handle food safety.

Attendees must pass an exam above 80%to be certified food handlers


meet your massage therapist instructor: