Evolve' story started after a deadly blast happened at the port of Beirut, Lebanon.

The city was destroyed, causing death numbers to rise over 3,000, and many left injured, with little to no help. Beirut was covered in a silhouette of darkness and systematic corruption.

As I watched the situation unfold, I knew I needed to do something. My mind shifted to want to help the countries citizens. I know the crisis affected family's wealth status, mental health, and furthered the hardships of job searching. "I have 2 kids in school, my husband lost his job, I never worked before. I don't know what to do so my family can survive the crisis" one mother pleaded to me with burning tears and a tense throat. 

Donations brought from diaspora can only help with minimal present financial hardships, but what about the future?

I realized that the country will be facing a serious socio-economic crisis in which could lead to an increase in human trafficking.

As I visited the country recently, I searched in hopes of gathering my mind together. "What can I do to help" 

The answer was vocational education; "adult school" sounded right.

This will entail training individuals, mainly women and young adults towards a career that is sustainable and can be done from home. Careers that will be introduced will be skin care specialist, nail care, massage therapist, rehabilitation and food safety/production and how to start a food business. Further careers will be provided in the future like: Elderly care, cleaning business, and baby's care.

Evolve will offer training for women and young adults, those who never finished their precious education, they got married early and they never entered the work world and have zero skills. they will be taught new skills so they can depend on their skills for a better tomorrow.

the first school just opened in Sin-El-Fil offering training sessions for the 5 careers listed above.

Later on, evolve will be opening in several cities in need of vocational schools thru the diaspora.

Evolve team members are opened to collaborate with other NGOs so we don t overlap each other work.

Not to forgot to mention that evolve team run a study to every village or city in need of such a program so they can customize the training on those needs.